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Songs For New Beginnings


Songs for going somewhere new.

I know going new places is scary, especially if you are by yourself, but you can do it.

(inspired by my real life problem: moving away for college)

8 tracks
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i'm laying in bed right now, and tomorrow is my very last day of school.. and i'm really really sad, because i'm going to miss everyone, but i'm also really exited and happy and (i know that it sounds really cheesy) i somehow feel like this is the beginning of a whole new big part of my life.. i dunno i just feel really emotional.. and now I'm halfway through the playlist and it's just perfect! thanks for making it you made me feel a lot better! x

It's not cheesy at all. Life is so weird b/c it always brings us to new experiences and we can have like these ranges of emotions that are exactly the same as someone else. I totally feel you. Like this mix helped me a lot when I made it and I am so glad it can help you too.