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go play a video game


a secret santa gift for the lovely laura! (

i'll admit, this was incredibly difficult for me. i don't play video games, so my last few weeks were spent frantically texting people who do, asking for memorable tracks from games you've mentioned. i'm also photoshop impaired. hope i didn't fuck any of it up, and hope my numerous anons made you smile.

merry christmas,
jessica (despairgirlfriends)

  • The View Of Palaven by Various Artists
  • Bioshock Infinite by Gary Schyman
  • The White River by cthru2k
  • Main Theme by Batman Arkham City Soundtrack
  • 10. Rory O'More Saddle The Pony by Aigis20
  • My Imaginary Friend by Beyond: Two Souls
  • Kyne's Peace by Yuji Sakai 4
  • Main Theme by Mass Effect 1 OST
  • Leaving Earth (Mass Effect 3 OST) by Clint Mansell
  • Bioshock Infinite — Elizabeth by stander
  • An End, Once and For All (Complete) by Thomas Ortiz 4
  • Treason by Beyond Two Souls
  • Welcome to Rapture by Garry Schyman
13 tracks
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