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h o w l


"Sam’s forever the supernova of Dean’s galaxy, exploding and dragging Dean into his destruction, into their shared oblivion, then they do it all over again, and Dean needs Sam to keep creating him and destroying him, and dammit all to fuck, but he loves his brother." --from Howl by paxlux


39 tracks
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This playlist is incredible! It fits Sam and Dean so well, and I love a lot of these songs just on their own. Florence and the Machine and Lana Del Rey are my faves :)

I loved this fanfic so much, paxlux is my favorite wincest author, if you haven't already then make sure to read 'If They Send the Wolves I'll Join the Wolves' anyways. I loved this playlist too, it was perfect. <3

The previous two comments perfectly sum everything that makes this playlist amazing – no need in embellishing what has already been mentioned. Great playlist.

It's always difficult to find a playlist with music that I enjoy because my taste is so specific. But not only is this well constructed according to the Sam/Dean relationship, the music is really good on its own. Thanks for this!

Damn this is good. But, I especially love the description you gave. It perfectly describes their co-dependant relationship.

@ha5rika thank you! if you haven't read the howl verse i highly recommend it. the whole thing is beautiful like that :)