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1. Shades Hill
2. The Thiefmaker
3. Death-Mark
4. The Secret Peace
5. Camorr
6. Father Chains
7. The Gentlemen Bastards
8. The Thorn of Camorr
9. The Don Salvara Game
10. The Shifting Revel
11. Falselight
12. The Grey King
13. The Falconer
14. The Echo Hole
15. The Cask
16. Calo and Galdo
17. Bug
18. A Murderer Once Again
19. Capa Raza
20. The Floating Grave
21. The Wicked Sisters
22. Meraggios
23. The Spider
24. Justice is Red
25. Wraithstone
26. The Duel
27. Death Offering
28. The Golden Gain

28 tracks
5 comments on Liars and Bastards, All

Every single song in this playlist is perfect! You did an amazing job! I have been looking for a playlist like this one for so long and I have finally find it! Thank you so much! :D P.S love the Dishonored tidbits in there as well ;)

@kyloren888 Thanks so much! :D I think this is my best fanmix to date, everyone seems to think I managed to capture the essence of the story which is pretty much the best compliment you could hope for! (and yesssss, Dishonored is amaaaazing!)

Wow. You sure know a lot of great songs...or even searched a lot for this playlist, every song, every lyric is just...perfectly fitting. Well It is evident that you put some effort on this, and it payed off, this is so good I can't explain, it really improves the reading experience for me. Congrats! And thank you sooo much!

@anon-100000164142927 Oh thank you, so, so much! :D I love making fanmixes as I find it so much fun to get lyrics to fit and whatnot so to have someone mention that is really nice to hear. :D It's also a great way to find new music! XD