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i looked beyond the red flags cuz i saw the white one. All my love & kindness went unreplenished, made him run. With grace & gratitude i faced my solitude & rested, so this gypsy has energy for the next of the rejected. To vibe my soul with others who need spirit in their struggles. i feel blessed for the reconnection, i guess i'm thankful for the lesson. i knew there'd only be a few dances but still took the chance, there's my confession. i'm proud as fuck of myself for taking a risk, for trusting the heart. Told me i was safe with him: "let's make a new start". After years of keeping people at arm's length, i had faith but there's a price you pay for loving a runaway: they run away lol. But maybe you'll appreciate my unacknowledged mixtape. (boombox not included lol)

23 tracks
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