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make your own legacy


"You wanted what was best for you! For your fucking legacy! Anything for that."

a playlist for a very passionate tevinter mage who deserved more than he got.

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I really enjoyed this mix! It was one of those beauties where I'm familiar with most of the artists but somehow not the tracks, and thanks to you I've discovered a lot of new music I really like! And it does do a wonderful job on capturing Dorian, him, his past, all of it, in my opinion. I especially liked Heirloom. Unfortunately, though, because I'm forced to listen through YouTube, I missed out on the Pompeii Cover; if you could let me know which version you picked, I'd be extremely grateful! I'm curious to hear it because I'm sure it's well chosen. I also had a problem with "I'll Melt With You," and couldn't find it elsewhere, so if you could maybe direct me to somewhere I could listen, that'd be amazing. Thank you very much! And for putting this mix together and putting it up.