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we are young hearts

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Such an awesome playlist. So Happy, so Upbeat. But the selection of "sleepy head by Pasion Pit" in this list of wonderful songs, begs an explanation.

@praveen20 i always thought it fit i always listened to it as quite an upbeat but quite dark song, i put it in to just add a touch of variety as most of the others are purely happer - pretty cool knowing not everyone has the same opinions when it comes to songs

@ceb1103 Ya excatly my point. it is dark. Not keeping in tune with the happy feel of the playlist. Upbeat, yes it is. Thanks to this discussion, I heard some more songs from them. They have some good songs.

@ceb1103 Acid pops. Again, this is a great playlist. But different people have different definations of being happy. For me, its feel good. All the other songs had a very good vibe to them, something that can cheer you up in an instant. But sleepy head, not so. I listened to it again today, and it didnot sound as bad. Maybe some songs just grow on you with time.