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the absence of words


An instrumental mix. Allow your mind to wander; feed your imagination, let your emotions radiate and shine in their own character without presuming to display them as real or imaginary representations.

10 tracks
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I've been listening to this mix for almost two years and I just keep coming back. I cannot find another mix that suits me so well. Thank you for this <3

Last songs to listen to before you die? This amazing playlist. ...That and every moment in between. Thanks for this soulful expression of taste. It makes great writing music.

if icould have a documenty of my life past and future i would chose this as my soundtrack it is so beautiful i am serious it is just enough dark and mystery for my past and looming health issues with the melodic twinkle of faith that no matter what life is beautiful in sickness and pain never loss hope ... with my god my sons my man, family and music , i hope my life is a beau as beautiful

That feeling when you close your eyes right before you take a free fall. That apprehension and flutter you feel just as your lips meet that of your first crush. That, is what I hear from this mix. Great job, I will most definitely be looking into your others. Bravo.

That is one of the best comments I've ever recieved; thank you so much :D not only is that incredibly poetic, I'm eternally flattered that this mix makes you feel that way! Made my night :)