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I am not your savior


I love you but not enough to spare your world.

(Starts out with the villain asking his lover for help, trying to hold on to his humanity. Progressively becomes more paranoid, psychotic and sadistic, also becoming obsessed with his lover. Eventually kills his lover, any humanity he had left dying with her.)

Cover art by zerochan artist: Simon Love

Disclaimer: I do not own the cover art

12 tracks
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I love this playlist!!! But then I read your description... Tears came to my eyes because something like that happened to me..... without the killing part but the rest is true..... I love it even more because you made it relatable!!!!!

@angelofdark Your comment means alot to me because I took something that happened to me, adapted it into fiction and made this from it. So i'm so glad it was relatable to you.

This is the best playlist I've ever heard on this site. You managed to include two lesser known bands that I love (Starset and Hurts) and I was just thinking that all this playlist needed was a Florence + the Machine song and BAM, the next song was Seven Devils. Amazing

I'm in love with this playlist! Found some great, refreshing artists bc of this :3 It deserves the best compliment- it's gorgeousness & gorgeousity made flesh.

well, this is a first thought, bu perhaps Devils Dance, from Metallica
it may be a good ending, because it has the seduction and self destructiveness of the other ones, all together

@andreferrer1000 That's a good suggestion but by the last song he's already killed his lover and his only focus is destruction so I want the song to spot light his darkness and the death he's causing.