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"MEDIC!" Niemand hört dich schreien


"MEDIC!" Nobody Hears You Scream: Team Fortress 2 fanmix for the Medic. Just made it for fun, really. Go & look up the lyrics of the German songs if you are that interested...

17 tracks
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This is honestly one of the best Medic playlists I've heard! It's a nice change compared to the other playlists which feature manly orchestral music. There's nothing I love more then German hard rock and Industrial metal! Keep up the hella great playlist makin' my dude

@IOU_a_VulcanKiss Thanks friend! Glad you liked it. Hopefully will add a couple more German industrial tracks when I've bought something from a different artist. Would love to make a playlist solely out of that for Medic, but it's not quite as fun with 8tracks's two-songs-per-artist rule. Geborn Zu Sterben is THE Medic song for me though so I'm not mad XD