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pretty songs with a traditional feel

  • Spell Of Fragrance 国色天香 (The Legend of Qin 秦时明月 OST) by The One Studio
  • 天空への旅 by Himekami
  • 思凡 By 墨明棋妙 Longing For The Mortal World by kwu08
  • 【志方あきこ】 翅亡キ花 ~ The wingless flower by CrushyPanda
  • 百恋歌 中国語 by 【梦璟SAYA】
  • SNH48 Savokikiku by 《缘尽世间》
  • [The Moon that Embraces The Sun OST.Part 2] Back in Time by Lyn
  • York of Love by Horizon of Life
  • 姻缘 by Nhan Duyen
  • Jane Zhang Truong Luong Dinh by Dam Vi Thien Ha Truoc Vo Tac Thien 2014 OST
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Seriously, this playlist is so relaxing, beautiful and just what I was looking for! Thank you thank you! I'd appreciate knowing which anime these songs are from or any of the artists as most of the songs are written in Chinese/Japanese

@golden_reverie Thank you for your kind comments! The first song is by Akiko Shikata and I don't believe this song is in any anime but she has done quite a few songs for animes like the second ed of Akatsuki no Yona and Umineko no Naku Koro Ni's opening. Most of her songs have a traditional feel to them, I had try really hard not to fill this playlist with her because I adore her music aha. The second artist is Himekami, their music is seriously great so you should definitely look more into them. I recommend their song Kamigami no Uta. The next 2 songs I happened to find by chance on youtube so I can't really tell you much about them and I can't read Chinese so unfortunately I can't tell you the name of the singers. Then we have The One Studio. They did some of the OST for the Legend of Qin which is a Chinese animated TV series. Then we have a duet from 2 SNH48 (a pop group) girls, Ju Jingyi and Zhao Jiamin. The song is for the Motianji Game OST. The next song is sung by Yuuko Ishibashi for the Ar Tonelico game. Akiko Shikata also sung and composed a few songs for the game. The last artist is again someone I stumbled upon on youtube but I'm sure if you look up her name you'll find some more stuff by her. A good way to find traditional songs is from historical drama/anime OST's. There's also a channel on youtube called Ancient Chinese OSTS that has a lot of nice stuff. Good luck and thanks again for taking time to comment!

Ah I adore Akatsuki no Yona and was thrilled about the traditional opening song. I hope more will come from it. Thanks so much for making this playlist, it's so hard for me to find traditional Asian music so I appreciate it!