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"With your teeth,
with your hands,
if you can,
cut from my stained neck
the chain you’ve set there,
leave me forgotten
in my house of earth.
And if you won’t kill me
like a coiled viper,
place in your sister’s hands
the coldness of your knife.
What fervour, what fire
runs through my head!
What glass cuts at my tongue!"

• a mix for a bramble rose and her jailbird brother •

10 tracks
1 comment on odio et amo

cGood mix, but as a Latin instructor I have to offer the correction regarding the mix title- while "odio" is not incorrect if you're expressing "I hate," it is the more Medieval spelling. The Classical Latin poem by Catullus, which Camilla and Charles would certainly be familiar with is "Odi et Amo." But I'm nit-picking, yet all the while enjoying the music. : )