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Deep Coding Session IV


Finally another session is here ;)
This one transitions progressively from bright into darker planes of existence.
I am migrating my playlists to playmoss and will publish further playlists there as they offer unlimited free plays and skips with full tracklisting (and because 8tracks have become unusable in my country).

You can find this mix there:

14 tracks
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@MadChuckle Does it again!!!!!!! Currently CRUSHING so much PHP right now listening to this!!!!! I had overplayed your Deep Coding Sessions 1-3 and my productivity was SUFFERING. But now it's off the CHARTZ just like deez beatz.

@plumshandy Wow, great to feel the JOY from ppl with SUCH A GOOD TASTE ;D :)) I've only started this since I couldn't find anywhere just what I need in a coding mix. Now, we are a legion of army coding like crazy to deez beatz ahahah!