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Deep Coding Session V


This time we are on a voyage from our homeworld towards into deep space (trt > 2h).

Also there's a little bonus sci-fi story for you to enjoy in the annotations ;) Youtube option hides them, you can still see the story here:

Playmoss version:

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Listened serveral times to this mix and absolutely love it. One of my favorites on 8tracks for sure. Was going to say this mix should be at least gold, but now it already got there. Congrats!

@extreme dinosaur clong time no see, hope you are good :) I am finally migrating to an alt site, recommended, check it out if you will: (replace "0" with "o", for filtering)..

@MadChuckle Nice to hear from you! Hope you're well! I'm good, just haven't been around much lately. I'll be sure to check out that site, looks nice so far. Will you leave 8tracks completely?