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Deep Coding Session VIII


..aaand it's back! hot-from-the-oven DCS for your enjoyment :D.
I should note that this one is my absolute personal favourite so far (so I annotated all the tracks); let's see if you agree!

EDIT: Caution> This is DEEP! ;D
I am migrating my playlists to playmoss and will publish further playlists there as they offer unlimited free plays and skips with full tracklisting (and because 8tracks have become unusable in my country).

You can find this mix there:

15 tracks
8 comments on Deep Coding Session VIII

Greetings! I wanted to inform you that this list improves my performance at work. You're a truly appreciated human for making this. THANK YOU.

I can't thank you enough. I really needed a good playlist to get me through tonight. Gonna be a loooooong night to study for my last exam tomorrow and this playlist is helping me believe it's possible to get through it. Thank thank thank you.

Think this is one of your best mixes so far! Love the track notes, and the slow build in songs - getting so much work done w/ this! Thanks!!

@thefamouschris Thanks for listening and loving the notes :) I have an urge for more tracks for my studies, I might put together another one these days hopefully

@MadChuckle :D Fantastic. And fucking fantastic compilaton, mate - enjoyed it thoroughly. I really appreciate your mixes, there's always lots of fun stuff to discover.