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stuck on a feeling


modern hades + persephone

Tracks 1-4 : P e r s e p h o n e

And before I let you walk/ You gotta show me how you crawl/If you want it all/It's non negotiable/So do as I say/If you wanna get the job, you better know who's the boss

Tracks 5-8 : H a d e s

Girl i know you're a handful/Cause you know what you like/You might be hard to handle/But imma show you
Tonight what it's like/ when you're stuck on a feeling

  • 04 Get On Your Knees (feat. Arian by Branden Freeman
  • Sean-Kingston-feat-Rihanna-Rube-boy-vs.-Rude-Girl by lakers123
  • Yonce by Beyoncé
  • S & M by Rihanna
  • Might Like You Better (Vaski Remix) by Amanda Blank
  • Say No Diggity (Odesza Blackstreet Mix) by The White Panda
  • Trey Song Nana EXTENTED DJ Weers by Deejaii Weers
  • Prince Royce Ft Snoop Dogg by Stuck On Feeling
8 tracks
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