Is this playlist safe for work?

I swear I'm studying


music that gets me through long nights of homework

*warning* this playlist is messy and all over the place sorry!

14 tracks
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this playlist is so good I could listen to it forever! anyway can you please tell me the names of the songs and the artists because the app only plays 10 songs and doesn't play the rest I don't know why so if you can tell me the names of the songs please

I can't believe I can't listen to this anymore. I'm in the uk, in my university library where the YouTube play doesn't work. Does anyone have this song list? This is my go to study playlist and I'm a bit devatated

I got up to the cover I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) and I was both in heaven and in love, thank you for this gorgeous playlist and getting me through my day of study. You are awesome :)

THIS PLAYLIST IS FRICKEN AMAZING. The only problem is I love it so much that I keep posting lyrics instead of doing