I like kpop, sad indie music and myungsoo from Infinite.

f(x) are pretty rad~

favorite reply 1988 quotes♥:
“Time flies… time eventually creates farewell and it always leaves people with regrets. If you love someone, tell them now before your fleeting days are filled with regret. In some ways, the biggest present time gives us is the memories we have of loving others that’s why you have to shove aside embarrassment and confess your love to the one you love."

"A line indicates a limit saying: ‘That’s as far as you get.’ Protecting a line is remaining in that comfortable space you have used to and maintain those rules, that world, those relationships. Not crossing the line also means that you will never see a new world with new rules & relationships. If you dream of a new relationship, if you dream of love – you have to cross that line."