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part 1 in a series of personal mixes i'm making to chronicle the music i listened to growing up.

this music might overlap with what you listened to these years, but it also really might not. i'm making it for myself and anyone who wants to know the person i was at that age.

thanks for listening, if you do!

13 tracks
2 comments on 2004-2005

Damn, music used to be so simple and actually pretty great ; pitty most kids these days won't know any of these .. Thanks for making the playlist to Memory Lane :)

@fraisnelle I appreciate the compliment! But try and have a little more faith. The music of the past is not lost to future generations, it's always there to discover. And likewise, music is always evolving and becoming better. There are songs kids now get the honor of loving that I woulda loved & needed when I was their age