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the king is dead   

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it's all in motion, ain't no stopping now: i got nothing to lose and only one way up. i'm burning bridges, i destroy the mirage. all visions of collisions, fuckin' bon voyage.
i'm only joking, i don't believe a thing i've said. what are you smoking? i'm just a-fucking with your head.
you only act on greed and by your actions this is proved, and can't you see all the flowers dyin' all around you? got your hands in the devil's pockets, got everything to lose.
in a flash i will be gone, in a flash i'll prove them wrong, in a flash i'll float away to another age. would you be my holy dove? would you be my holy dove? 'cuz i'm not going down with the rest of you.
if my body is a temple you can worship at my feet, but it might kick you in the teeth some, so even when you’re spitting blood you would save a thought for me.
i live in the jungle, i sleep in a monkey tree. i'm looking from an angle from the bird of a different breed, yeah. i never went to your school, i learned in a monkey tree.
everything's a game, and everyone's your toy. while everyone was sleeping, dreaming dumb-ass dreams, you're praying to gods who are meaningless to me. you're preying on the weak, and those who don't believe.
thought i was soothing like a violin, confess a new reign, but i was piping like a trumpet, frantic for fame. thought i was built like a building's built: on concrete and stone. i realized i'm just a hack actor finished playing my role.
you're everything you need and so you fight. you take them on your own until you die; the wisdom in your breath comes much too late.
every day the bluebird comes down and stares at me for hours. can't figure out if he brings me luck, or if he's trying to tear me down. he saw my gun; he stared right into my eyes. i fired, his body exploded, and feathers fell all over my lawn.
how it all began? if truth be told, had a master plan, now i rule the world. i took 'em by surprise, worked my way uphill. they looked into my eyes, i became invincible. no one can stop me for only i am in control.
i'll reveal my strength to the whole human race. yes, i am prepared to stay alive. and i won't forgive, vengeance is mine, and i won't give in because i choose to thrive.
i'm in your garden, but i want a forest. i'm in god's garden, i'll make it a forest, i'll make it a forest.