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Aeristaeus tried to rape Eurydice on her wedding day, and she got killed by a poisonous viper. Orpheus, her husband, convinced the god of the underworld to let her come back to life. On their way out of hell, he turned to see if his wife was following him. He'd been told not to. As a result, Eurydice was swallowed back in the underworld.

A modern writer, Gesualdo Bufalino, hinted that Orpheus might have turned on purpose.

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Oh my god. ...I myself am actually a pretty adamant anti-CaptainSwan person (at least at the moment with what they've done @with hooks character)& SQer... But ALL of your music is SO. DAMN. GOOD: its magic-that I'm probably even going to listen to those ones. Thank you!!<3 OUAT fandom love to you. Excuse me while I go drool over your playlists some more:)

Hi! I was so happy to read your comment! Yeah, sorry for the abundance of CS mixes on my account, I'm a hooker at heart and... I admit I got carried away! But I promise, the hiatus will help me clear my mind and more shipping-free mixes will come :):)