Madonna Fiammetta
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i've always been a pirate


For all ye scurvy dogs looking for a soundtrack to your adventures on the seven seas, here's an impressively long pirate instrumental mix. Good for writing, studying, getting shit done, swashbuckling, and, of course, getting drunk with cheap rum. Savvy?

Includes stunning scores by Bear McCreary and Brian Tyler and a bunch of less known artists. Inspired by Killian Jones, known in this land as Captain Hook.

79 tracks
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This is such a cool playlist!! Congrats Madonna : D I can listen to this from studying to having a beer on St. Pats day !!

This is the best playlist for studying, I keep listening to it while I'm at uni and have to get shit done. It's also very inspiring when you're actually working on a pirate story haha :D Thank you so much for this playlist! It's the best.