Madonna Fiammetta
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There’s two reasons to go to Iceland: the aurora borealis, and Riley Blue. One is a natural phenomenon so beautiful it will blow your mind, and the other is just some pretty lights in the sky.

A/N: based on the headcanon that our precious icelandic dj has a bunch of remixes of heartwrenching songs stashed in her ipod


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The lyrics from the Sound Remedy remix of Medicine by Daughter remind me of what a parting wish from Magnus to Riley would look like. That she doesn't have to escape into DMT or any other drug to find refuge from the death of their baby and himself. That even though there isn't anything left for their lives, there still is for Riley and that she should give her life a second chance.

this playlist has become my life. we are one. i don't know what i listened to before i came upon this mix. literally. the best.