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Modern Middle East

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10 tracks including music by Ceza and Youssra El Hawary.

A mix of modern music from Egypt, Turkey, Lebanon, and Iran.

  • Türk Marşı by Ceza
  • ريما خشيش + مقطع للاغنية نفسها بصوت ريما و هى صغيرة فى بداية الاغنية by فُتن الذى
  • Man Mast محسن نامجو by Mohsen Namjoo
  • Kasap Havasi (Butcher's Air) (Kadkad Moombahton Edit) by Selim Sesler
  • Holocaust by Ceza
  • Ya Autobees (Hey Bus!) يا اوتوبيـــس by Youssra El Hawary
  • El-shayyalin ريما خشيش by Rima Khcheich
  • Abr agar محسن نامجو by Mohsen Namjoo
  • bahar by replikas
9 tracks
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