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east coast flow

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great mix, im glad someone else appreciates de la soul and tribe and the other old school NY shit. if you put like Dead Presidents II or some other Nas tracks on here it would be perfect

haha intriguing rant you got there but i think we have a disagreement in the definition of east coast rap. Now i consider it a genre or a subsection of rap itself originating out of NYC in late 1970s with emphasis on lyrical dexterity and taking its roots mildly from the Jazz era opposed to the West Coast style borrowing heavily from funk and the West Coast creation of Gangsta Rap. East stems from rap pioneers such as Sugarhill Gang and Kurtis Blow. Though there are def going to be exceptions to the east coast sound, the subsection is unified through its origins and style. Geographically, hell yeah the dirty south is on the east coast nobody can argue that. But, i believe Southern rap is different from east coast hip pop. Where your from is going to have influence on your style, your flow, the beats, production. Im going to propose to you that Southern rap is its own genre, and has nothing really to do with the east coast flow of rap because it has its own unique sound, it has its own slang and its own origins. Southern rap was pioneered by the Geto Boys and Scarface. It has some of its own genres within it. For example Crunk. Northeast aint got shit to do with the origins of crunk thats pure ATL. To me the South has a distinct sound heard in UGK, Outkast, T.I, Geto Boys, Luda, Goodie Mob, Juvenille. This classifies Southern Rap its own genre of rap. Trust me I know whats good down their, born spent a significant chunk of my childhood in ATL. Southern rap deserves its own playlist because its has a lot to offer because not many can fucks lyrically with Andre and Big Boi. Its just when I think East Coast Rap first thing i say is Biggie. Southern Rap: Outkast. But hmm, I guess its all in your classification system

hmmm not equal to haha

bigtime. this east coast so called. better go south. cause we like to get dirty with cheddar in our mouth. mucosa lyric like B.I.G does posthumous eject. or these cats is still young yet. caterwaul, like white boys bawl, we'll never opportunities to know ghetto cadence growing up in suburbs of Phoenix, but still being reborn im in the _whats a word for womb_ warmth of the room about to consume the first air, pushing through your sacrum you feel your root touch down when shit you draw! your first breath the _amniotic fluid_ mammals heron or birds of the same feather cut up white lines like swiss, the beats is this, separate. leather from the cow, hear it lowing anyhow, automated nipples get suck. i mean babies need suckle, colostrum and they told many women to hustle hard to get formula when what was needed was, a neighborhood to help raise we sweet babies and im not from that place of the finest AZ. im from AT L east north suburban and a mother whom loved jazz/ but its still there in the Empire of taste, ill-est flavor wait you mean laid up in bed sucking cough drops? you fall off and the piano man, cutting aces like etudes, the lyrics exude delivery that dude, is impeccable, the improbable spectacle, a la next track, because when i get [sic] i choose what to listen to and i better hear some memphis hue, also known as the blues, in this mix or you! done not taught this young wack rapper no thing. 365/ ha! yeah you know my foot! the metrical feat! rhymes replete with shaking a spear and eating my own raw eyeballs, goosh, the mush tastes just like oosh, and the problem by gosh is overall errors greater than insights, but i know the song good and love the sample, still dont know what mantle de la wears where from but if all this music is NY state ima be upset, looking for cast outs, and only here in the room with the trinity, Phife Q-tip and Ali, did i get that rite or am i some white boy posing as the, hallelujah loving rapper wannabe 9mmmm!0h thats always been one of my favorite inflections, famous for funk mob samples but, come now take it south. east coast is more than ... altho... i'd accept something from Philly and or Maine, even Detroit where funk used to reign/ did i miss the shift or does this remix, lift my lexicon to higher levels play a track that'd make me push the decibels. hum. an. then me being channeling a jagged edge missing is it black or my gang, star rappers, want to step into the light, and then through it, the plasma, or the space between matter, black chatter, the acts of the apostles matter, and im not trying to hate trying to not be late, thinking chord blood is harmonies aligned, and hallelujah find itself repeated so that im like to do yah, no jah uh stymied ice is liquid rite, cut up device like razorblades and pop memes, the generation with gagging dreams choking big shtick on the wacky Nintendo i mean wii grow up faster than the music does, but its press record and lose yourself in the playback, damn baby, imean this Brown Sugar make me feel so good, i knew i could, bake it like that if just would, split fingers slip crumbled tweed into a suit licked twisted tight what you need/ quit this mix its misrepresent. altho. that would be impolite. i just am coming down off a rough night. bow wow in the doghouse with too many inane tweets, its the 21st century. each day you wake up. been that way for many days say 365 times 1o and here we find ourselves still again. when we asleep fall into, hit music. Skills? is tribe really from _ ... yeah but...

rename mix New York rap... the east coast is more than 5 boroughs. aristocrat... all right ima slower talk. and altho i never edit, i do get a joyful rush. and im not about to suggest i got skills anywhere close... def and redman?! nah even before i checked i thought GURU god rest his. .../premier eh? that was black star...
ahh its late and i may be getting surly cause im just a know no_thing white boy coming down off a 4o oz. i Digable Planet the one i live on and try to plant love that'd bloom but this is some top 4o rap, and it has nothing to do outside of new york so for real! don't lie to your audience.
Don't get me wrong! we love you! I just am not in the mood to totally disavow knowledge of real rap south of the mason dixon. you know... where i'm from