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damned together


my sinews crave your blasphemy,
your fingers on my neck
tracing beatified verses
without capitalization
(my body begs not to be
and you permit it) -
i crave your impiety so much that
my blood races through my veins
to catch my name falling from
your lips without fanfare

you think i’m not enough,
but m a d n e s s knows no
such word to begin with

draw from my throat wildness’
hymns, and shake from the
viscera of my very heart the
cartography of your place
(know that i follow in
any chase you lead,
that i revel in the
insanity you break
from the ground).
dance with me ‘round drunk
and bloodthirsty creatures,
devour my savage m o u t h.

dear to me, you are dear to me -
and so you are dear to the gods.”


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