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This is for Cioccolata you big fat white nasty smellin fat bitch why you took me off the mothafuckin schedule wit cho triflin dirty white racist ass big fat bitch oompa loompa body ass bitch I’m comin up there and I’m gon beat the fuck outta you bitch.
Yes this is Cioccolata playlist ugh okay um chile anyway. No I don't kin him ugh don't make assumptions at least I don't kin Me- bruh this mold everywhere ah hah. And yes I do love him this is just my Secco projecting

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If possible, could you make more Cioccolata or Secco playlists? Specifically Cioccolata, if it's not too much trouble. I love both of them, and I need songs to make edits of them, but there aren't many songs like this that I can find. This is absolutely amazing and I love this so much. You don't have to make a full playlist, but do you have any song recommendations that would fit Cioccolata well?