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in the wake

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This is the most beautiful playlist I've listened to dedicated to Kakashi. All these songs connect so well to him that it makes me extremely emotional. It was a great idea to use Welcome To The Black Parade and Ghosts That We Knew at the end. This whole playlist is the definition of perfection- I'll definitely be back to listen to it again!

@Orions.Impala aaaaaaahhh!!! Thank you!! I am so flattered ouo. This is one of my favorite playlists I have done, and I am happy to know that it works well. I felt like Black Parade really conveyed Kakashi's desperation and trauma in regards to his father and his team. Ghosts that we knew has a similar theme, but it also ties into him trying to let go of his past, ie: "ghosts that we knew will flicker from view" and "Give me hope in the darkness." Anyway I'm rambling, but thanks again!