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Climb the book pile and study.


Focus and study! The mix made for ultimate concentration. Starting with some chill electro, moving to acoustics, and finishing with the classic...classical music. Good for finals and paper writing. Thirty-one tracks including music by Andrew Bird, Aphex Twin, and The Radio Dept..

31 tracks
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have no intention of studying, but this is a feel good boppin' round the house mix. me and the cat are having a terrific time...thx

I felt that the mix began with lyrics and then ended up being more instrumental to transition from whatever might have been going on before studying to being able to concentrate and relax. I could be wrong though. I like the mix.

I'm glad you like it...the first lyrics aren't for 20 minutes into it, but I'm sorry you felt like you couldn't concentrate.

don't worry, you still have one of the best playlist on website)) and it really helps me to concentrate on my homework))

No, I didn't mean it was bad. it was quite the opposite. Like I said, a smooth, welcomed transition to peacefullness. I think that the mandated shuffling resulted in lyrics being toward the beginning.

Thank you :)