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disney emotions: if i can't love her

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The title of this made me freak out I've been waiting to have the time to listen to this playlist!!! I'm such a HUGE BatB on broadway fan it was actually the very first stage show I ever saw (though I was about 2 so I don't really remember it) and If I Can't Love Her may be one of my favorite songs ever. Uhg this entire list was so effective in saddness. At "when she loved me" I felt my heart drop. And aloha 'oe???? I guess Disney is a great way to get people sad--its characters we all loved and memories from our childhood that universally broke our hearts. I'm gonna have to go listen to your happy mix to pick myself up!

@FullDizz I'm so glad you enjoyed it and that the playlist did its job, so to speak. I think you summed up WHY it does its job very well, too. And yeah! BatB on Broadway is such a great show, I saw it a few years back! Near the end of its B-Way run. If you do decide to listen to the happy mix, I hope you enjoy that, too! :)