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disney emotions: someone by your side to sing


Joyous Disney songs, which is similar to uplifting but actually an emotion, and hey, that last one was a downer.

Part 4 of 7 in my Disney Emotions collection.

8 tracks
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Ahhh I finally got a chance to listen to this and my only regret is I listened on the bus so I couldn't sing along!! This playlist is so cute and cheerful I almost cried of joy bc I was so into it. I especially love the inclusion of the tigger song--it was a total surprise and totally fun

@FullDizz I hate times like those! Pfft. I'm really glad it was so effective in its joyousness! And that's great; Winnie the Pooh was THE biggest literary/film/television influence in my childhood, so I had to include that. As always, thanks for the comment, I really appreciate it!