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{fanmix yourself}


My "fanmix yourself"-style mix that doesn't follow any template. Just songs that fit my life and the often contradicting sides of me. I'll probably add to it in coming days.

I really have no good reason for using Tangled concept art as the cover. It's just very pretty.

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I got real excited when I saw this list!!! You and I always seem to relate to similar things and I couldn't wait to hear more of what you're about. Santa Fe reprise caught my heart with just a few notes gwah thats such a great song to relate to. OH MaN aND RaINBOW CONNECTION I actually have that on a #relatable unpublished playlist right now gwaaah & SHINE YOUR WaY THaTS MY JaM WHO aRE YOU THaT SONG IS SO IMPORTaNT GET OUT. I'm going to have to just post this commented before i live commentate the entire thing in ur comment section. a very cool & important mix for a very cool & important person

.. i couldn't stand by and not tell you that Secrets is also so important to me it's on my very first Take on the World playlist it got me through hella tough times