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fast-flying talents


Whether they're creating a gentle breeze or racing on the wind, fast-flying fairies are rare talents, indeed.

(Instrumentals for wind and flight that range from calm to lively.)


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Oh my goddddd I loooove the idea for this mix!!!! I'd love to see mixes for other talents as well if you ever get around to it :O This got me sooo in the fast flying spirit well done!!!!!

@FullDizz Aww, thanks! I'm really glad this was good. I actually already started water, and I might have some ideas for tinkering, but the other three talents left among the main girls are a bit puzzling.

@trainer shauna ahhh tinker and water were the ones I was hoping you'd do I can't waaaait :DD I feel so inspired--I love scoring and fairies. When my finals are over would you mind if i took a crack at similar talent themed playlists? Ill link to you and give you credit for the inspiration & idea! I actually have something in my head that might work for Light Talent fairies