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Goodbye Lonelies: Side B


HiJack from Hiccup's point of view. From confusion to acceptance, to celebration with mild disbelief, and finally full acceptance of love.

Coverart by deaniethebeanie at tumblr.

8 tracks
5 comments on Goodbye Lonelies: Side B

Aw thanks!!! I'm actually thinking of putting up a few playlists myself, I just haven't gotten around to it yet! I hope when I do you'll give it a listen? You have a ton of awesome playlists btw!!! (thanks I know dipper is just aw)

@kassie-lynn I'm so flattered! I strongly associate these songs and HiJack and Hiccup in general, and I'm glad the connection works for you, too! (And just gotta say, your icon is the cutest thing.)