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Talk Disney to Me


A Disney "Get to Know Me" Playlist. Inspiration can be found here:

1. Current favorite song
2. Favorite song from your favorite movie
3. A song you relate to the most
4. A song that makes you cry
5. Favorite villain song
6. Favorite score
7. A song you sing really loud to
8. Favorite sidekick song
9. A song from your favorite male character
10. A song from your favorite female character
11. Favorite remix or cover

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omg Perfect World is such a fantastic fave and I LOVE KEEP 'EM GUESSING I didn't know people knew that song :O I was in a production of Mulan Jr. in high school I thought it was just a song for that show.

@FullDizz Thanks! I think, even if I didn't love TENG (and I do - a lot) Perfect World would be my favorite right now. It's just such a fun, upbeat song. And yeah! Keep 'Em Guessing was originally written for the film but it got cut, I didn't know they used it in the Jr. musical! That's so cool. (I'm really jealous that your high school did that show! Haha.)