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Progressive hip hop

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The title says just what this is. If you want bling, cars, hoes and other junk, go elsewhere.You'll get some good underground shit here.

  • I'm The Atlantic (Produced by Mike Clouds) by Brzowski
  • The Coming Plague by Brzowski & Moshe
  • Hook, Line and Singer (feat. Daddy Wrall of Miss Fairchild) by cmoneyburns
  • Feat Monsieur Sai & Brzowski by MEMENTO MORI
  • "DSK vs Noam Chomsky" by MONSIEUR SAÏ & BRZOWSKI
  • Pasta w/ Butter by Uncommon Nasa
  • "Swine Flew" by Black Puddin'
  • Le Visage De Cochon by Black Puddin'
  • Birds (Prod By Samurai Banana) by Googie Go Hard
  • Entrail by Brzowski & Moshe
  • Scared Little Girls (feat. geneva.b & Ira Lee) by Moshe
  • Wild Style Feat. Dj. Mo Niklz by artls
  • AWOL ONE by Awol One
  • Newton Remix by Ceschi
  • Big Beards by Spoken Nerd
  • Spoken Nerd by Come Wander With Me
16 tracks
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