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Can't Get You Out of My Head [A BillFord fanmix]


"I had the most peculiar dream..."

A jazz, swing and electroswing playlist surrounding the odd relationship of a struggling six fingered Author and a triangle *ahem* MUSE who seems to have all the answers.

Track list:

36 tracks
3 comments on Can't Get You Out of My Head [A BillFord fanmix]

Yet again a very well chosen playlist. I swear you've converted me to an electroswing fan! *totally has't been dancing to every single Bill Cipher playlist on your profile*

I'm pretty picky about swing mixes these days, but I have to say this one really took me in! The opening track set the stage so well, and I was really feeling the Billford vibe throughout. Nice, nice.

@fivebrights I know what you mean! It gets harder making Bill playlists without using the same song(s) in each one. (That's what Youtube and lyric websites are for! I try to always keep things fresh.) I was trying to figure out what the best song was for opening the mix, and after re-listening to some Caravan Palace albums, “L'envol” really just hit me with a sense of eerie and mystical that reminded me of the feeling of how Ford first enters the Mindscape and meets Bill. (It actually made me feel calm and sleepy!) Also, blame me binge watching Season 1 of “Agent Carter” in two sittings and then looking up the soundtrack. :D But yeah, this mix was a lot of fun to make! I'm glad you found some new fave songs from here.

When I 1st saw the title of this playlist, the Kylie Minogue version was what I had been expecting. it was named after. But the remix is just as, if not more, fitting and catchy. I'm a big fan of Electro-swing so nice work on this playlist! d(^^)b

@Phan_panda49 It's actually because of Gravity Falls (and several Bill Cipher playlists) I got into electroswing! I'm glad you enjoyed my mix!