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Strength: Songs For Coping With Grief


Songs to help cope with grief.

A Particular mention to the death of Cory Monteith on the 13th of July 2013, and to his friends, family, and all his fans. This one is dedicated to you.

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I love it. My cousin, who was basically my big brother commuted suicide awhile ago. I'm not sure when but I'm guessing the day he left. We only found out today. It's so weird. Every once and awhile I'll forget, for just a moment. I see him everywhere. I always thought I'd be me some day, not him.

*This brought me to tears thinking of Cory. He was so young and he had so much going for him. God, he was amazing. It isn't fair, that good people die, it just isn't. Damn... I'm just teary.

No one deserves death - especially Cory. I personally was never a huge fan of glee or any other works he did, but I know, to many people (such as yourself) he was a true inspiration.

I am always here. xx

Thank you, that means a lot. And I want you to know that the sorrow won't ever end, but you will learn to cope with it, and you will be able to carry on. I recently lost my father, so I know how tough things can get. Music seems to help me.

If you ever need to talk, message me on my tumblr. xx