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NME Pocket Jukebox

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walu - thanks for letting me know. I've re-uploaded Herclules and inserted it in the mix, but when I save it the Soundloud turkey is still there. Any suggestions? It's been a while since I uploaded anything here, so I may be overlooking something obvious.

Gr8! This used to be one of my favourite tapes in the 80s. Many thanks!

But please check 'Hercules'! There's a stupid soundcloud medley instead of the Aaron Neville song

My favourite among the many excellent NME cassette mixes of the 80s, thank you very much for putting it together again.

Wore out a couple of these in the 80's. A close second to Island Records Maximum R&B. A sweet selection. Has inspired me to attempt plenty of similar mixes of my own.

This is so fantastic! Boy, I remember that summer - 25 and in love - and a cassette-player that played tapes both ways, so it went on for hours without having to get out of bed *S*
My tape is long worn-out - I had to fish out the tape and put it in another cassette, and it is now somewhat damaged but I'm gonna keep it and cherish it forever.
Actually I just bought the CD on e-bay, but without the Julia Lee track, which to me is the essence of the tape. If you could tell me where I could buy it, I would grateful.

Thank you SO much, "magneticfields" (great music to, by the way - well, some of it *L*)