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Clod Repellent


We need more Peri in our lives. And more of the music she'd listen to.

  • Peridot (Pygmy Pug 小さなパグ Remix) by aivi & surasshu
  • Genital Grinder II (Altars of Synthness Compilation) by Carcass
  • Dreamwaves by Vogel
  • I Am the Program (Perturbator Remix) by Mega Drive
  • Rivals (8Bit Game Soundtrack)[RIVALS THE GAME OUT NOW!] by Barely Alive & Astronaut
  • 04. Master by GosT
  • Poison by Dance With the Dead
  • Future Club by Perturbator
  • SHOCK DOCTRINE (Perturbator Remix) by Reznyck
  • Not of This Earth by Dance With the Dead
  • The Unicorn by Roger Whittaker
11 tracks
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