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something wicked this way comes

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I'm incapable to understand how you do this. All of your playlists talk to me like old friends that I never heard of. Like i've been waiting my whole life to hear this long lost friends. They talk to my soul.
I'm grateful to you. Really. I didn't knew that my soul lacked conversation.
Thank you.

No, thanks to you for leaving such a wonderful comment! I'm honestly speechless, I don't know how to reply to so much kindness. I'm glad you enjoy my mixes so much, I hope you'll keep doing it! Thank you so so much!! ^^

Maharetchan, You are truly an expert at sewing together an awe-inspiring blend of fantastic music. Moreover, your invitations (title and pic) are always both cryptic AND accurate, resulting in a mega-rewarding addition to the addictive quality of the experience!

This must be the best comment I have ever received in my internet life! You're really, really too kind. I'm so glad you like my mixes and that they inspire you somehow, it's so rewarding and makes me very proud of them.
You're the best commentator a mixer could hope to have! Thank you, thank you, thank you!