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Deep beneath that shadow


Deep beneath that shadow, where everything seems quite, lick your wounds, celebrate them and back up, for once you choose hope, everything is possible.
Let this sound be a tender glow over a long lonely night. From deep, all the way to minimal, including progressive house, with the most driving techno beats of this year, this playlist is your Christmas gift. Crafted with care and passion, trying to hide my dark .. dark soul.

  • Regrets by Sonic Future
  • The Island Of If by Minilogue
  • Aegis (Original Mix) by Andre Bratten
  • Santé - Feat. J.U.D.G.E. Awake (Agoria Remix) by Agoria
  • Kiss (Original Mix) by Olivier Valles
  • Throwing Stones by Clint Stewart
  • The Game Is Now Over (Cocolores Remix) by Robinn
  • Laura (Teho remix) by Oovation
  • Sunhole (Original Mix) by David Mayer
  • The River Of Dreams (Boral Kibil Remix) by Youngen
10 tracks
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