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The Good Doctor Knockout


This is supposed to have captions, unfortunately, 8tracks' new format won't let me add them to the actual music. So, here are what they were originally supposed to be:

1 "I like the way I look in steel-belted radials."
2 "Buff THIS!"
3 "Well, I...never really had the best role models."
4 "Breakdown may act a brute, but he's a maestro behind a rotary buffer!"
5 "You scratch my paint, I scratch yours."
6 "Sweet rims."
7 "I saw it in a human horror film!"
8 "Ah, it was a long drive, Starscream, I'm still picking bugs out of my grille."
9 "I'm not only an automobile, but an automobile enthusiast."
10 "Breakdown would be tickled."
11 "Breakdown, you'll never guess what I'm packing."
12 "No worries, Herr Commandant."

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