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right now i'm really into electronic music with lots of crazy beats & also sounds like a living breathing thing. here's a collection of some new things that i appreciate.
cover art is a photo by
title is a song by blue hawaii that i'm really into right now.

  • The Knife 'Full of Fire' by Brille Records
    i had to re-add another track from the knife because the previous song in the playlist was deleted on soundcloud and my playlist got unpublished as a result.
  • The Rip (Portishead cover) by BEACON
    a killer band covering a song by my fav band :))) listen to it LOUD
  • Stranger Than Kindness by Fever Ray
    umm. did i say damn good covers? ///original was by nick cave & the bad seeds, written by the lovely anita lane
  • Careful What You Wish For by Coil
    hey, thanks for uploading this on soundcloud so i can add it to my mix :) ///search for "Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me with Careful What You Wish For" for the full mindtrip
  • Trauma by Hot Sugar
  • 02 - Torporoso by YuriCosta
    support your fellow experimental musician. share music from under appreciated bands.
  • Je Ne T'Aime Pas by Marie Davidson
    i was debating between this song and her new song called "Excès De Vitesse", which is a very exciting song, but this is my fav song of hers, so this wins <3
  • "Sleepstep"/ raster-noton COMING SOON by 04.Scratching Your Surface(Excert)
    i'll leave you with this preview of a great techno song (hope you are wearing headphones). go to spotify to stream the full version of this magnificent song. in fact, stream the whole thing and buy it. it's definitely one of the best thing i've heard in a long time.
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