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homemade and sweet


this mix is about talented girls making pop music in the comfort of their own bedrooms. most of them are one-girl bands/bedroom recording projects. i hope you'll discover underrated musicians and fall in love with songs that you never heard before.
cover art is a photo by Eslee

  • How Far They Fly by Yie Yie
    doesn't the intro reminds u of the Geidi Primes era Grimes??? ;)
  • Calliope by /please/
    i've been trying to figure out what is it that made Ellen's songs sound so right u_u
  • Tender(reverse) by Aeon Fux
    you may have seen her singing the chorus of 2 of hearts while playing an omnichord on tumblr. this one is a cappella because you won't need instrumentals to back you up either when you sound this good.
  • Bury Me by Suprna
    sometimes these lyrics get stuck in my head when i'm at work :p oh geez
  • Hustling by Laura Clock
    this is goals (do yall understand me? i mean, i always want to do a bunch of cover songs that doesn't sound like the originals, and this is so perfect *v*)
  • Romantic Streams by Sleep ∞ Over
    follow her tumblr at
  • Cloud Factories by Flower Face
    ah what a dream u_u
  • rev on by maidenhood
    i was like, "i was DONE with promoting my EP!" but then again, how can i give up on a good opportunity to shove my music down your earhole??? so i added this track of mine in after i published this playlist. yeah, check the rest of my EP out on my soundcloud <3
  • D r o m e - whoknoidontno by Grimes (Official)
    because i would argue that a playlist about self-made-popstar girls is incomplete without an actual song by Grimes
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