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just your eyes [part III]

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i've been listening to this mix like. every day pretty much and i'm not sure why the amount of plays isn't already a thousand (maybe the site was just like ok stop counting her views she's done this too much) but it's just so good and i love it and i love dave and i love asuka and i love daveasuka and i love you and i love the annotations and how they highlight the relationship so well and oh my god i'm dying. it's like the songs explain so much, how strained their relationship is, how much tension and conflict of interest there is between them, how different they are but how much they really love each other because they're both fucked up in their Own Special Way and holy shit. god. i fuckin love you and daveasuka

@soryu i didn't see who sent this at first and was so confused I LOVE YOU!!! and daveasuka, my children, you're gay, and thanks :+)))))))))))))))) gotta love that subtle watsky reference there ;+)