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40 downtempo, loungey, trip-hop tracks containing Bonobo, Pretty Lights and Gramatik.
Good for studying, chilling and winding down at the end of the day.

Melatonin part II is re-done with newer tracks, this time uploaded from my own collection because soundcloud removed so many tracks from the first mixtape. and buddha for enhanced effect

33 tracks
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wow!! this is the first mix in weeks that i actually really like and am not just "meh there's nothing else to listen to"!

THIS IS A GODSEND!!! this is so trance like and chill, oh wow I feel so calm and light listening to this mix. I love 8 track for this reason, always find some really ice artist. Thank you so much I can get through math finals with this easy :-)

took your advice with rainymood. mm so cleansing for an all nighter, thank you :)
Not sure what you mean with the buddha..?

neuroanatomy final tomorrow, this is perfection! i think this mix does to me what my adderall mixes do to others haha loveeee this!