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Dura Quies Canem Morsu


A post-09.10 mix for Castiel's hip-hop heart.
[muffled rap music plays in the distance]

Misha Collins: Because of the essence of the character, I would say it’s [Cas’ theme song] some kind of violent gangster rap. Like, let’s go out, talkin’ ‘bout bitches and sucking my cock. The whole nine yards. Every time he hears it you know, he’d get a little bounce to his step. That’s right, suck it.

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I am thrilled that anyone enjoyed this so you're quite welcome. That MOMENT when Cas was like, Well, I like it. And then the music played. I know the show was trying to put us off or make a joke. All I could think was I KNEW IT ALL ALONG. Cas is my people. Cas is willing to try anything. And Cas is gonna fucking LOVE HIM SOME JAY-Z. He's gonna like CONNECT with him. I just know it.