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These songs might not have anything to do with leaving for college to you, but each one hides a message of what they mean to me. And they all have something to do with leaving for college, or they strike a sentimental feeling, maybe even smell. So... let's play a game! If you read this, in the comments, pick one song from the playlist and guess the story behind how it symbolizes leaving for college for me! I will then respond by telling the real story! Thanks and Enjoy!

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Is "falling in love at a coffee shop" about a certain person or place that you found a lot of comfort in and it reminds you of those good times and still gives you comfort?

it actually came from when I was packing and leaving, upbeat and fun... I also heard it one day on I heart radio while stalking my campus' site lol. The most nostalgic of the songs :)

1901 must the one you've listened to when you found out you've been accepted at the uni! It's the kind of upbeat song one listens to when good news arrive (and one of my favourites as well). Wild guess. (: