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Total Drama iPods


Just what I think the TD casts theme-songs are.
Uses both the original cast and the TDROTI cast :)
Umm It wont let me use the titles of the songs so I can math them with the cast in the description but I will definatly on instagram (@totaldrama_jayne) and if I can on my profile, will be doing couples next

36 tracks
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Barbie Girl-Lindsay. love Drunk-Cody. Grenade-Brick and Trent. Viva La Vida-Noah. Rememeber the Name-Lightning. Gummy Bear Song- Owen. Hollaback Girl-LeShawna. Lets Get Crazy-Izzy. Whos That Girl- Courtney. If I had You-Alejandro (c'mon he gave up Everything for Heather!) Battlefield- Heather. All Star-Tyler. Stronger- Cameron. Sexy and I Know It- Justin. Monster- Scott (I wanted to show the monster he was, This is also for mike.) True Friend- Katie and Saidie. Fireflies- Dawn. Mama I'm Coming Home- DJ. Misery Buissnes- Gwen. Superluv - Mike. The Vacation Song- Geoff. Stoked Theme Song- Bridgette. Mario Theme Song- Sam. Eye Of The Tiger- Eva And Jo. Your Gonna Go Far Kid- Duncan. Stronger (What Doesnt Kill You) - Zoey. Animal I Have Become- Zeke. Make It Shine- Beth. I Wanna Be Famose- Dakota. White and Nerdy- Harold. Blah Blah Blah- Staci. Paparazzi- Sierra. Diamonds - Anne Maria. and I couldnt Think of one for B sorry